This week’s US Weekly edition featured a story on Kim Kardashian’s recent baby shower.  She held a Troup Beverly Hills themed party, as this was a favorite movie of her and many friends growing up.  It was a cozy, intimate affair, something that a non-celebrity could easily copy.

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Kim and her guests all received a matching set of pjs so they could be comfortable during the party.  I love this idea, as later in pregnancy it can be so hard to try and look “cute” anyway, why not just put everyone in their pjs?   I would gladly steal this idea, except my guests would have to wear their own, rather than be given a $140 pair as a party favor.  Slippers or tennis shoes completed the outfit.

Brunch was on the menu of fruit and eggs, along with hot cocoa.  Again, a really easy idea that almost anyone could put together.  Baby showers don’t need to be given in the middle of the afternoon, and may fit in people’s schedules better even as a brunch option.

Of course it was still a celebrity guest list, with attendees bringing gifts from designer baby stores.  While I get that she is having a boy when she already has a girl, I think that a second shower should be less about “stuff.”  Moms still deserve to celebrate their pregnancies and each baby, but babies don’t need high-end outfits or gear.

Overall, I loved the cute idea.  Spending a relaxing morning with your friends and family members surrounding you should be on every mom-2-be’s to-do list.

What other cute baby shower ideas/themes have you been to or heard of?

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