This weeks US Weekly edition featured two stories about supportive fathers, and I couldn’t pick just one to share.  Support from a husband/partner/father is so important, both during pregnancy, and after a baby is born.

During Pregnancy

Sometimes during pregnancy the best thing that a dad/partner can do is just to remind the expectant mom that she is not alone in this journey.  Criss Tiegen’s husband, John Legend, seems to do this well.  An article states that he is Bumping Up the Praise” (nice pun) as her bump grows.  He reminds her how excited he is about their upcoming child, and tells her how beautiful she looks, despite those days when she feels less than pretty.  As a model, I’m sure a changing body could be harder than most people, but from what I’ve seen she has always been pretty comfortable in her own skin.  No matter how uncomfortable she gets, or what challenges come up during the pregnancy, having a supportive husband by her side will help her along the journey.

Pregnancy Support

After Baby

On the same page, an update was given about Hayden Panettiere, who sought treatment for Postpartum Depression earlier this fall.  It states that she is doing much better, and a key component of this is the support of her husband, Wladimir Klitschko.  PPD is a hard concept for many dads to understand, but there are resources out there to help.  I am glad to see that Hayden is doing well, and that this issue is again being discussed without any judgement or stigma attached.  1 in 7 moms will struggle with a Postpartum Mood Disorder, so they need to know that they aren’t alone, and there is nothing “wrong” with them.  Starting with a supportive, caring partner in the home is a great way to help these moms.

Postpartum Support

No matter what they issue, the underlying message here for moms is support.  During pregnancy and the postpartum period, moms need loving support.  Even those without a partner can find this from their family, peers, and/or professional support from a doula.  I pride myself on always providing support for all the moms I work with!

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