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Too many babies are dying in the U.S.

CBS News reported today that the United States is now ranked as 25th in the world for infant mortality. This applies to babies who die within the first year of their birth, not including stillborns. This is due to a number of reasons, including babies being born much earlier than they used to, but our worst rates are babies born 37 weeks and later that appear overall healthy. That to me is the scary statistic. Why do we have so many babies dying from things like SIDS that have no known cause? The first comment in the story was a link that I had heard before, and I find very interesting. The person posted that “The US also has the highest number of recommended vaccinations of these countries – 36 before age 5. Finland and Japan have the lowest recommended number of vaccines (12 and 11 respectively), and have the *lowest* mortality rates of these countries. Probably not the single contributing factor, but most likely not a coincidence.”

What other factors do you think are causing this, and how can we do better?

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