One of my guilty pleasures is getting my copy of US Weekly every Friday & digging into the mindless escape of celebrity drama.  As a

busy mom, it is something for me that is purely pleasure.  However, I always seem to find something related to pregnancy and/or babies in there so I’m challenging myself to share with you the baby tabloid each week.  Plus then I can count my reading time as “working,” right?!

The current issue features Kelly Clarkson’s 12 month old daughter, River, going to work with her mom.   The photo spread shows her strolling backstage at the Billboard Music Awards, sitting in Blake Shelton’s chair on The Voice, and with her mom on while shooting a music video.


I realize that this is pretty glamorous compared to most mom’s work environments, and that celebrities have a lot more leeway than many of us, but I love the idea of taking our babies to work with us.  Working moms have to try and find that balance somewhere, and our children learn so much from their exposure to possibilities in life.

Do you have a work situation where you are able to bring your child(ren) along?

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