In this week’s US Weekly, there is a photo of Prince George where he looks mischievous, and he is referred to as in the “terribly cute twos.”  Apparently, he has been walking around telling people that he is actually 3.  I had to laugh, as only a prince could be considered “terrible” with this sort of behavior.


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For me, I didn’t really experience the terrible 2’s with my first.  It was more like terrible 3’s, and I have heard lots of other people agree with this.  At 2, children area starting to be more independent, but by 3 there are a lot more social influences from preschool, daycare, playgroups, etc.  Mix that in with the expectation of beginning structured group activities that have their own behavior expectations, and that is a lot put on a little one.

What types of funny things is/has your terrible 2/3 year old said?

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