This week’s US Weekly featured Hollywood moms who had recently  posted pictures of their little ones heading back to school.  These posts are common around this time of year, and as a mom myself of school-aged children, it was easy to relate.

Back to School celebs

The post featured kids from Kindergarten through middle school age, some alone and others standing with siblings.  In all of my own back-to-school photos, I was standing with my brother as we both we heading off to school.  That is one picture that we missed this year that I’ll have to make sure to get next year.  I especially loved Kendra Wilkinson’s and Reese Witherspoon’s where it showed the younger siblings sending off their big brothers to school.  My little one wanted to ride along when we dropped off her big sister and brother at school for their first day, but we didn’t get the cute snapshot to memorialize it.

The one thing I didn’t notice in any of the star’s pictures were the signs it seems are trending this year showing the child’s grade, teacher, what they want to be when they grow up, etc.  This is another thing that is cute in a lot of photos that I’ve seen, but requires a little more time and energy than I had to devote to the first day.  I was just happy that we were all out the door on time (even a few minutes early), dressed, and ready to go.

The first day of school photos are fun to look at, but I’m glad that they are over for another year and everyone has gotten back into their new day-to-day schedule. Have your family adjusted yet to another year back in school?

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