The girls and I have been visiting our family in Illinois this week for Christmas break, and by Wednesday the weather was finally decent enough to get out of the house for a while.  We decided to head into Rockford to a place where both of my girls could be thoroughly entertained.

Carlson Ice Arena

For Addyson, my big kid, any time she gets to figure skate is thrilling for her.  Luckily, the Carlson Ice Arena had public skate times available all week.  The sticker shock was a bit much for me ($6 for a non-resident), especially as we arrived right before the last hour of public skate began, and still had to wait in line for quite some time before she even had a chance to get on the ice.  There were lots of skaters taking advantage of public skate, so the ice was rough, but she still enjoyed herself.

Sapora Playworld

Brevyn, my toddler, enjoyed her time in the tiny tots area of Sapora Playworld.  The only toddler-friendly indoor play area that we have at home is a single slide inside of McDonald’s, so she was excited to see such a large area for her to play.  At first, she wasn’t so sure of all the other kids, parents, and large play area, but she quickly caught on and was soon a master of climbing up and sliding down.

Sapora Playworld 1

Sapora Playworld 2

Sapora Playworld 3

Sapora Playworld 4

Sapora Playworld 5

Sapora Playworld 6

Once her sissy joined us, it took a little more coaxing to go inside the climber, but she checked it all out that was safe enough for her to explore on her own.  The tot play area was only for kids 4 and under, so many of the parents sat on the benches provided on the side, watching their little ones enjoy themselves.

Sapora Playworld 7

Another highlight was the little kid’s bathrooms with a toilet just her size.  We are still very much in the beginning stages of potty training, but when she saw a toilet just her size she wanted to try it out.  Luckily, she was successful right away, and it was an occasion that needed to be marked with a “cheese” photo.

Sapora Playworld 8

Sapora Playworld 9

The big kid play area is pictured in the back, where Addyson enjoyed blowing off some steam once she got off the ice while her sister finished playing.

Sapora Playworld 10


Overall, we had a great time, and it was even better that it happened to be $3 day.  Every Monday and Wednesday for a limited time you can take advantage of that deal yourself.  It’s the perfect way to fight off cabin fever, and let the kids blow off some steam on the coldest days.  We will definitely be back when we go out there to visit again!


  1. Sapora Playworld looks like so much for kiddos! Your post brings back so many wonderful memories for me. When my girls were young there was a similar indoor playground called Discovery Zone. It was perfect for hot summer days, and cold-weather months. I send wishes of happiness to you and your girls for a fantastic 2016!

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