My SO and I relived our younger years during a concert out for a date night.

Sir Mix-a-Lot was playing at The Surf Ballroom so we put on our Run DMC shirt (him), crimped our hair (me), and headed out to shake our “big butts.” The crowd was a mixture of younger kids who danced along to songs they had probably never head before, and and older group which we fit into.

Baby Got Back was a hit song in 1992, which was still when I was rolling around the skating rink and hairspraying my bangs to the ceiling. I didn’t have much of an 11 year old but in my bright leggings, but I remember dancing to the song when it came on.

It was a fun adult night for the two of us to enjoy, cost about the same as going out to dinner, and I actually got him to dance with me!


baby got back 1

baby got back 3
Female audience members pulled onstage to dance

baby got back 9

baby got back 10
Yeah, we suck at taking selfies

Here is his photo gallery taken with a decent camera vs my Samsung S5:

He didn't lie, he likes big butts. He also likes to put on a big show, and even ventured down from the stage to take…

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