Doula Services

A birth doula helps expectant parent(s) prepare for, during, and shortly after the birth of their baby/babies.  The doula provides education, emotional and physical support, and helps you make one of the most important milestones in your life — the birth of your child — as positive as possible.


Comprehensive Package ~ $600

  • free initial consultation
  • 2 prenatal visits to develop your birth plan & practice comfort measures
  • 1 optional visit with care provider/hospital tour/childbirth class
  • unlimited access to my lending library
  • local resources
  • unlimited e-mail/phone support
  • on call 24/7 from contract signing on
  • emotional & physical support throughout entire labor/delivery
  • breastfeeding assistance
  • postpartum visit


Birth Planning ~ $50

If you are not within the local service area, or don’t desire to have a doula in your birth space, there is the option for birth planning only to help go over your options for childbirth and have a visual, printable plan to share with your care provider and bring with you to your birth.  Included in this option:

  • free consultation
  • 1 hour session in your home or via Skype/Facetime to explore options
  • template for you to fill out
  • second 1 hour session to complete plan
  • final written, printable copy of your birth plan — printing/mailing available as well

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