I had the recent privilege to visit Enchanted Acres with my children on their opening day this season. My older daughter had been there before for a birthday party, but it was my first time along with my younger one. We determined that it is a place that all families should plan to check out sometime this fall.

The Pumpkins

Most families plan a trip to the pumpkin patch to pick out the perfect pumkins to paint or carve. Enchanted Acres has no shortage of great options to pick from, along with so much more. Don’t waste your time going to just any old pumpkin patch to pick a pumpkin, go where you can fill an entire afternoon full of family fun. There are pallets full of pumpkins already picked ready to be taken home, as well as countless more in all sizes/colors still on the vine that we had the opportunity to see on our hay-bail ride through the property.

Enchanted Acres pumpkins

Enchanted Acres Brevyn pumpkins

Enchanted Acres hayride

Enchanted Acres targets

The Playground

There were so many outdoor options to keep my kids busy, I had to drag both of them away when it was time to go home. My favorite thing was that there were safe, size-appropriate options for both my 1 year old and my 8 year old. It is very hard to find outdoor toys appropriate for little ones especially, so I recommend to take your little one here while they can still enjoy the fall weather! We also enjoyed taking photos with the large variety of cut-outs, again with lots of options for kids of all sizes.

Enchated Acres tire 2Enchanted Acres tire

Enchated Acres tunnel Enchanted Acres boatWe also enjoyed taking photos with the large variety of cut-outs, again with lots of options for kids of all sizes.
Enchanted Acres playingEnchanted Acres sisters witchEnchanted Acres Addyson witchEnchanted Acres bus

The Campfire

While we were there we had the chance to cook our dinner over a campfire. It was a fun experience for my daughter to make her own pizza and then watch it cooked in front of us. The yummy end result was great as well! As a mom, it was a relaxing spot to sit and chat, with swings around the gazebo. I am still washing campfire smell out of my hair days later, but it was more than worth it.

Enchanted Acres cookingEnchanted Acres fire ringEnchanted Acres pizza

The Market

You won’t want to leave empty handed.   Moms will enjoy their own break in the gift shop full of beautiful fall decor and yummy snacks.  Beyond pumpkins, there is produce & flowers, as well as locally hand-made items.  Berwyn found many items just her size that she wanted to take home with her.

Enchanted Acres gift shop

The Activities

There are a variety of activities happening this fall that we will be back to partake in, and you should check out as well.   There is a list on their website of all the events happening through October, and opportunities to take advantage of everything that Enchanted Acres has to offer.  It looks like there’s something for kids, families, and adults to enjoy.  The Facebook page also lists upcoming events/specials and fun fall tips.   My 8 year old was a huge fan of the Fairy Birthday Party she attended at Enchanted Acres, and would recommend it to all interested kids.

We’ll definetly be visiting Enchanted Acres again this fall, hope to see you there!!

  1. How enjoyable to read!!! When my boys were little we would take them to similar place where they would run and play in the fields, pick their pumpkins, mini bushels of apples, go on hayrides and so much more. It was always their absolute favourite fall activity.

  2. Sounds – and looks – like a wonderful family place to visit. We have a similar place called Freddy Farm here in eastern PA. We used to take the kids there every year and they had a blast. Now they’re teenagers. Hard to believe those days have passed.

  3. It looks and sounds like you and your family had a wonderful time at Enchanted Acres! This is my favorite time of year when the pumpkin patches and farms open up to the public for tours.

  4. It goes by way too fast, doesn’t it? Mine are only 9, 2 & 2 months, so I’m trying to enjoy each day as long as I can!

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