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Welcome, and congratulations on your pregnancy (If applicable)! I am a certified birth doula in private practice based in Mason City, IA, serving clients in Northern Iowa and Southern Minnesota.

One of the most common questions that I receive is “What exactly is a doula?”  A birth doula helps expectant parent(s) prepare for, during, and shortly after the birth of their baby/babies.  The doula provides education, emotional and physical support, and helps you have the birth experience that you desire.  This video explains it better as well:

My name is Abbey Hall, professional doula since 2007.

I decided to become a doula myself after having a positive birth experience using a birth doula during my first birth in 2007. I love working with expectant/new parents, as this is my true passion in life. I have my BA in psychology, and am very interested in the mind/body connection during pregnancy, during the birth process, and postpartum. I pride myself on constantly educating myself further and staying current in the field. As with everything in my life, the reason that I do what I do is for my ever-growing family.

I would love the opportunity to discuss your pregnancy and the possibility of offering doula services to you on this important health choice you are experiencing.

My credentials include:

  • Bradley method course

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