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A birth doula helps expectant parent(s) prepare for, during, and shortly after the birth of their baby/babies. The doula provides education, emotional and physical support, and helps you make one of the most important milestones in your life — the birth of your child — as positive as possible.

Comprehensive Package

  • Free initial consultation
  • 2 prenatal visits to develop your birth plan & practice comfort measures
  • 1 optional visit with care provider/hospital tour/childbirth class
  • Unlimited access to my lending library
  • Local resources
  • Unlimited e-mail/phone support
  • On call 24/7 from contract signing on
  • Emotional & physical support throughout entire labor/delivery
  • Breastfeeding assistance
  • Postpartum visit


  • Free consultation
  • 1 hour session in your home or via Skype/Facetime to explore options
  • Template for you to fill out
  • Second 1 hour session to complete plan
  • Final written, printable copy of your birth plan — printing/mailing available as well

Meet Abbey

Mind, Body, Babies is owned by Abbey Hall, who has been a doula since 2008.

Abbey decided to become a doula after having such a positive birth experience after hiring a birth doula to support her first birth in 2007. She then trained through DONA International in 2008, and completed her certification by 2011. She is currently pursuing additional certifications, including hypno-doula through Hypnobabies, placenta encapsulation, and lactation. In the meantime, She makes a point to educate herself and stay current in the field by attending a number of annual conferences, trainings, and staying active in local groups.

Professional Memberships/Trainings:


  • DONA International
  • ICEA
  • Iowa Breastfeeding Coalition
  • ProDoula

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#NMW15 day 2: Bust a Myth

  Doulas are just like Midwives, right?" This is the biggest myth that I run into when describing a midwife or doula role. This is both a false and true statement in a number of ways:   FALSE Midwives are medical providers, while doulas are not.  A midwife...

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National Midwifery Week 2015

National Midwifery Week starts today and goes through October 10th.  The idea was created by the American College of Nurse Midwifes to raise awareness about midwife-led care, and to celebrate their contribution to mother/baby care.  You can learn more about this here....

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Baby Tabloid 9/28/15

This week's US Weekly featured Hollywood moms who had recently  posted pictures of their little ones heading back to school.  These posts are common around this time of year, and as a mom myself of school-aged children, it was easy to relate. The post featured kids...

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