I was really excited to see that the Today Show did a segment today on family centered cesareans. It is such an important topic to be discussed, especially in mainstream media. As I began to read the article and got to the first picture of the family interviewed, it wasn’t the beautiful image of the baby skin-to-skin on the operating table that jumped out at me, but the caption below it. There it was in black and white: “Monique Reese welcomes her son Brevyn…” What a minute–that is my baby name that I had made up (or so I thought) for my daughter!

I was pregnant with my first daughter in 2006 when a show called Private Practice was popular on tv.  The main character’s first name was Addison.  I had found this name already in the baby book, liked the meaning and picked my spelling–Addyson.  I did watch the show, and the more I heard it, the more I liked it.  Well, many other moms must have thought the same thing and her name ended up in the top 10 most popular baby names in 2007, the year she was born.

For my 2nd daughter, I wanted to make sure she wasn’t in a class with multiple other girls who shared her name (as I always was).  There was nothing that ever seemed quite right for a girl’s name in all the baby books and during the discussions I had with her father.  Then while in early labor, I went though walks through the cemetery across from our house.  During one, I spotted a last name that started with “Brev” and thought I could do something creative with that.  Adding a “y” (I like those for girl’s names) and finished it off with a consonant since her middle name began with a vowel.  Her dad agreed on it and it seemed to fit our perfect little person.

It is still a name that most people remark that they have never heard before and agree is beautiful.  Only once have I heard a negative comment that it sounds like a boy name.  I let those slide of my back, as she is our Brevyn–the perfect unique (hoping it stays that way) name to fit our unique daughter.

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