A local tv news station today posted a question on their Facebook feed asking followers: “Should stores develop photos of breastfeeding? To vote, leave a comment here with a hashtag: ‪#‎yestobreastfeeding‬ for Yes, ‪#‎Notonudity‬ for No.” It could have just been a way to drum up some comments (which worked) but I was still shocked to see the post.

Luckily, as of four hours after the initial post, there are over 350 positive comments reminding the station that breastfeeding in public is legal and shaming them for considering it nudity in any way. I had to laugh at a few, and write comments in agreement to many. There was no follow up regarding where the question stemmed from, but there was an incident earlier this month where a Walmart refused to develop photos of a mother breastfeeding her child, so there was lots of discussion related to that. One of my favorite post recommended a protest by putting printed photos of babies of all ages breastfeeding in all of the frames in the stores.

I suppose that any positive discussion about breastfeeding is a good thing, but the tactics of the competing hashtag was completely unnecessary. I say #yestobreastfeeding always, and am happy to pull out my own printed breastfeeding photos. At no time did a store ever have an issue with my photos, and I love that they are included in my daughter’s scrapbook to ever preserve that special time.

printed breastfeeding


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