This week’s US Weekly issue featured an article about Shiri Appleby, who is currently expecting her 2nd child in December.  The article was about her home, and it included a photo of a clock that she has that counts down the days until her due date.

due date clock

I thought the clock could be a cute addition to one’s home, and a way for everyone to remember that a special day is coming soon when another little one will arrive.  The article didn’t state where they had purchased the clock, or if they made it themselves, and an internet search didn’t reveal anything similar. There is a Countdown Clock digital version on Amazon that lets you customize for multiple occasions, but I didn’t think it was as cute as the one pictured. Even Pinterest lacked DIY options, although I don’t think one would be to hard to make. This is a good craft idea that I will keep in mind for the future.

Of course there can be drawbacks to keeping a “timer” visible at all times in one’s home.  In December when her due date nears, this could cause Shiri some anxiety, especially if the clock reaches “0” and the baby has yet to arrive.  I don’t love the idea of putting an expiration date on a pregnancy, as babies arrive when they are ready to.

Overall, I think it’s a cute idea that anyone could implement in their own home.  There are also a lot of ways to put a countdown clock together in creative ways that haven’t been mentioned here.

Have you ever had a countdown clock, or anything counting down the days of your pregnancy?

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